United Kingdom: Team Member Nationality Requirements

Foreigners wanting to start a business of any type in the UK follow different procedures depending on their country of origin. UK residency (or citizenship) is not necessary to incorporate. Read this guide for an overview of how to start a business in the UK as a foreign national.

  • The impact of Brexit on foreigners looking to start a business in the UK is not yet certain
  • Depending on your nationality, you may be required to apply for a work visa before setting up your business
  • Apply for the correct visa ahead of time (if this applies to you)
  • EU citizens do not currently need special permission to start a business in the UK
  • The only exception to the right of EEA nationals to live and work in other EEA members states involves nationals of Bulgaria and Romania
  • If you are Bulgarian or Romanian, you may have to apply for permission unless you qualify for an exemption
  • Check if you need a UK visa here

In order to work in the UK, foreigners may need to obtain a visa. The system is centralized, and UK Visas and Immigration provides resources and information on visa requirements and processes for working in the United Kingdom. More details on how to apply for a visa are listed here. The UK has different types of visas:


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