You've come to NEO's Global Blockchain Compliance Hub, an ongoing project aimed at compiling a public Github database that includes legal details related to blockchain and cryptocurrency for as many jurisdictions as possible worldwide. We're hoping this can become a community-driven community resource that will help folks interested in starting their own NEO-based blockchain projects think about regulation as they move towards the point where they'd need to actually seek counsel. We're undertaking this project because NEO is committed to compliant and sustainable growth, and we believe this sort of resoource is currently lacking.

If you're interested in contributing (by either updating a country page or creating a new one), please let us know - we're always looking for new partners. You can reach out to chentian@neo.org and songping@neo.org .

For each jurisdiction, we aim to answer the following information:

  1. Non-profit/for-profit company registry requirements
  2. Team member nationality requirements
  3. Tax & auditing requirements
  4. Governing laws/bylaw requirements
  5. Laws related to token sales, blockchain, and digital proof
  6. Securities-related laws
  7. Privacy & data protection-related laws
  8. Who bears final responsibility/liability in case something goes wrong?
  9. What is a smart contract and is it legally binding?
  10. How is dispute resolution integrated?
  11. Can smart contracts be nullified?
  12. Suggested readings