Ukraine: Team Member Nationality Requirements

Ukraine has no restrictions on owners’ or shareholders’ citizenship.

A foreign national can be appointed as a director only after obtaining a work permit. Also a written employment agreement (contract) concluded between the Ukrainian company and the individual must be provided to the authorities.

A foreign national that is to be appointed as a director of a Ukrainian company needs to obtain a Ukrainian Tax Individual Number (Tax ID).

After the Ukrainian company has been registered with all required state authorities, it will be required to obtain a work permit for all foreign employees. Ukrainian legislation prohibits employing a foreign individual without obtaining a work permit.

Those foreigners who intend to work in Ukraine (either in a Ukrainian company or in a RO of a foreign company) are required to apply for a long-term visa. This type of visa provides formal grounds for obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine, i.e. a document that allows entering and staying in Ukraine without any restrictions during the period of the permit validity (usually 1 year).

Foreign individuals who do not need a visa to enter Ukraine (i.e. who originate from visa-exempt countries) or those who enter Ukraine on a short-term visa may stay in the country during up to 90 calendar days (in the aggregate) within a 180-day period starting from the day of the first entry into Ukraine. Otherwise, they should register with the local immigration authorities. A temporary residence permit is obtained on the basis of the permit to use labor of foreign citizens (a work permit) issued to the employer by the State Employment Centre (or its local divisions). Foreign employees may then be registered at the place of temporary residence in Ukraine and obtain the residence permit valid for the period of permit (usually 1 year).

Obtaining a work permit

A foreign national can be hired in Ukraine following receipt of a work permit. The full application package for a work permit shall be filed with the State Employment Centre of Ukraine and shall include a convincing statement of reasons for a foreigner (as opposed to a Ukrainian national) to be employed with a Ukrainian company. However, the statement of reasons is not necessary if the foreigner is a founder and is going to hold a managing position at such Ukrainian company or has graduated from one of the world Top-100 universities. It usually takes up to 15 days to receive a work permit. Work permits are usually granted for a period of one year but can be prolonged for another year on the annual basis. The number of prolongations is unlimited.

Required documents:

  1. Visa application form;
  2. One recent colored photograph 4.5cm×3.5cm;
  3. No-objection letter (NOC) from employer or sponsor, a letter from the UAE Company must be original (signed & stamped). Letter must include employee’s position, start date of employment, salary details and guarantees that the employee will return to his/her country and workplace after his/her travel.
  4. Proof of Travel, flight reservation (provisional or confirmed);
  5. Original Certificate of Employment issued by Ukraine’s State Centre for Employment. Foreigners / stateless persons exempt from the requirement to obtain a work permit in order to be employed in Ukraine are to provide a copy of the work contract;
  6. Proof of financial means / Bank Statements Applicant’s original bank statement/originally stamped statement by the bank for the last 3 months. (You must have sufficient financial resources to cover your cost of living in Ukraine; as a rule, an amount of $150 per day is considered sufficient);
  7. Medical Cover / Travel Insurance;
  8. Passport


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