Singapore: Team Member Nationality Requirements

Adapted from resources here (authoritative government source), here, and here.

  • “Foreigners desiring to register a company in Singapore are required to appoint at least one director who is an ordinary resident of Singapore.” Because Singapore does not allow foreigners to self-register a company, foreigners must go through Singaporean contacts or legal agencies to help them register. 

    • “Being “ordinarily resident in Singapore” means the director’s usual place of residence is in Singapore. A Singapore Citizen, Singapore Permanent Resident or an Entrepreneur Pass holder can be accepted as a person who is ordinarily resident here. Subject to compliance with prevailing laws and regulations on employment of foreign manpower, and Employment Pass holder may be accepted as a director who is ordinarily resident here.”

  • Foreigners will need a Singapore visa to live in Singapore, but can come to Singapore on a visitor visa if operating the company remotely. If operating the company remotely, a local director for the company based in Singapore is still required.

  • Foreigners will need to apply for an Employment Pass or an Entrepreneur Pass if they wish to operate the company from Singapore.


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