Malta: Governing Laws/Bylaw Requirements

The Maltese legislation on investments is quite extensive due to the multitude of funds one can establish. The Investment Services Act (CAP 370) is the main law covering all funds in Malta as it provides for the requirements and conditions for both qualified and unqualified investors setting up funds.

Foreign investors opening companies in Malta are bound to respect the requirements of the country’s Commercial Law. The legislation for opening companies in Malta is comprised of several parts, each one of them referring to certain procedures. The Maltese commercial legislation is made up of:

  • the Commercial Code (CAP 13),
  • the Consumers Affairs Act,
  • the Doorstep Contracts Act,
  • the Standards Authority Act,
  • the Trade Descriptions Act,
  • the Trading Licenses Act,
  • the Product Safety Act.

The Commercial Code and its subchapters refer to the requirements companies must fulfill after their incorporation, while business registration falls under the Maltese Company Law.


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