Liechtenstein: Tax & Auditing Requirements

Tax Requirements

The corporate tax of Liechtenstein is 12.5% and it is one of the lowest in Europe, with a minimum tax of 1,800 Swiss Francs per year. Minimum tax is not due if the total assets of an operating entity did not exceed CHF 500,000 during the last three years. Capital gains are taxes as ordinary income and dividends are not taxed, nor is there a withholding tax on dividends. Losses may be carried forward indefinitely to set off against taxable profits, reducing up to 70% of taxable profit. Liechtenstein allows for a notional interest deduction on modified average equity (currently 4%). Liechtenstein employees are expected to pay slightly more than 50% of the employees social security contributions; these can be deducted for tax purposes.

Income tax in Liechtenstein is leveraged on Liechtenstein business profits. Rates are progressive up to 8%.

See this guide for a summary of Liechtenstein taxes.

Audit Requirements

According to this source, a Liechtenstein Limited Liability Company (LLC, Ltd.) either has to appoint auditors or assign through the articles of association the powers of control to the non-managing shareholders. It is mandatory that public limited companies (PLC., Corp.) in Liechtenstein appoint auditors. The auditors are to audit the annual accounts and submit them to the Liechtenstein tax authority as well as make a report to the General Meeting.


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