Gibraltar: Team Member Nationality Requirements

Team members in Gibraltar must:

Work permits in Gibraltar [1]

  • All EEA nationals as well as Swiss nationals are entitled to work in Gibraltar
  • Non Swiss/EEA nationals will require the prospective employer to request the issue of a work permit before commencement of employment
    • Certain conditions need to be met by the employer before the work permit is approved. A work permit is issued for a period not exceeding 12 months
    • There is a £3,000 fee for employing a non EEA/Swiss national without a work permit
  • As of now an EU state national can work in Gibraltar and enjoy all the benefits and protection of European legislation relating to the free movement of workers, such as freedom from discrimination on the grounds of nationality, the worker will also be entitled to residence, as will his or her family [2]
    • However, given Brexit, the future status of Gibraltar within the EU is uncertain and the impact that this will have on employment legislation is unknown

Setting up a Company in Gibraltar

  • According to Healy Consultants Group PLC, for LLCs, PLCs, Non-Resident Companies and Branch offices, neither a resident director nor a resident shareholder is required
  • In their Gibraltar guide, PWC notes that there are “no restrictions are imposed on foreign ownership or investment” in Gibraltar and explains that the three most common ways for a foreign investor or company to carry on business in Gibraltar are:
    • Register a place of business (Non-Resident Companies)
    • Register a branch of your company
    • Incorporate a private (or public) limited company

Operating as a Foreigner in Gibraltar [3]

  • There are no restrictions on the repatriation of earnings, capital, royalties or interest and repatriation payments may be made in any currency
  • Also there are no restrictions on the importation of capital to Gibraltar. Residents and nonresidents may operate bank accounts in any currency and Gibraltar businesses are free to open bank accounts in any location outside Gibraltar

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[2] - Workforce
[3] PWC Doing Business in Gibraltar

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