France: Team Member Nationality Requirements

Team Member Nationality Requirements

Citizens of EU/EEA countries (e.g., EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, etc.) do not need a visa to work in France. For all other citizenships, a work permit or residency permit is needed.

In France, there are two types of permits with work authorization:

  • Permanent resident permit: held by permanent residents, this allows you to bypass the work permit process.
  • Provisional stay permit or short-stay visa: you must apply for permission permission to work. If approved, you may then apply for:
    • Temporary residency permit: when given for “private or family purposes,” usually comes with full work authorization (except in the case of applicants from Algiers, Morocco, and Tunisia).
    • Temporary work permit
    • Seasonal work contract

Generally speaking, to apply for a work permit, you must first have a job offer. The company will then arrange for a permit on your behalf. The application for a work permit, as well as more information about the permit types, can be found here (in French).

French Tech Visa

France offers the Tech Visa—part of the Passeport Talent Program started in 2017. It fast-tracks applicants with qualifying backgrounds to receiving a residence permit, good for four years and extendable to immediate family members.

The visa is open to:

  • Founders of French startups
  • Employees of eligible companies
  • Investors opening a venture capital firm in France
  • Angel investors
  • Investors recruited by a French VC firm.


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