Czech Republic: Smart Contracts Definition and Legality

For EU regulation, please visit Europe: Smart Contracts Definition and Legality.

In general, the term “smart contract” has not been defined in Czech Legal system yet.

However, the new amendments In law 340/2015 Sb. LAW from 24 November 2015 “On the special conditions for the effectiveness of certain contracts, the publication of these contracts and the register of contracts (Law on the Register of Treaties)” as amended by Act No. 298/2016 Coll. and No. 249/2017 Coll. (340/2015 Sb. ZÁKON ze dne 24. listopadu 2015 o zvláštních podmínkách účinnosti některých smluv, uveřejňování těchto smluv a o registru smluv (zákon o registru smluv) ve znění zákonů č. 298/2016 Sb. a č. 249/2017 Sb) to strengthen the transparency of the management of public funds and to set out clear rules for the publication of contracts in which the state and other public subjects are a party.

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