Chile: Team Member Nationality Requirements

Under Chilean regulations, 100% of the partners of an entity can be foreigners.

One of the legal representatives of the entity must be Chilean or a foreigner with a Chilean residence. However if you are a non-Chilean citizen, registering as a Chilean resident entitles you to the same benefits and rights as a Chilean citizen, which include:

  • Being able to apply for loans and mortgages
  • Being allowed to drive a car
  • Having access to a bank account and credit
  • RUT ( a.k.a. taxpayer ID)
  • Not being deported if you break the law
  • Vote (only after 5 years of residency)

It is easier and cheaper to obtain a permanent Chilean residency when you start a new business in Chile. For information on how to apply for Chilean residency, please go here. For further information, look here.


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