Brazil: Team Member Nationality Requirements

A company -whether it’s a EIRELI , LTDA or S.A. - generally cannot be formed with fewer than two shareholders, who may be natural or legal persons, but there are no requirements regarding nationality.

A company, formed outside of Brasil and wanting to operate in the country, can open a permanent representative office or branch. However, registering a branch entails the appointment of a local representative, who must be a natural person resident in Brasil.

Work Visa

Foreigners in Brazil must obtain a work visa. This can be obtained through:

  • Employment contract with a Brazilian company
  • Provision of services to the Brazilian Government
  • Technical assistance services
  • Professional training, without an employment relationship
  • Medical residency
  • Employees of foreign companies admitted to work in Brazil
  • Foreign instructors or professors who intend to travel to Brazil
  • Crew members of foreign vessels
  • Crew members of foreign fishing vessels leased by Brazilian companies

More information on obtaining a work visa can be found on this guide.

Investor Visa

The investor visa is issued to those who establish a business in the country and it is usually valid for up to five years. After five years, the investor needs to apply for an extension, and after ten years he is eligible to be a permanent resident.. The investment can be done in a corporation that already exists in Brazil or can be used to settle up a new one. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 817 visas of this category were issued in 2012, mainly for Portuguese, Spanish and Italian investors.

More information on obtaining an investor visa can be found on this article.


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